By Ingmar Villquist

York Theatre Royal
Co-produced by York Theatre Royal and Company of Angels
Directed by Hal Chambers
Composed by Benjamin Hudson
Lighting by Mike Redley

Ingmar Villqist’s Helver’s Night is a thrilling and gut-wrenching play that charts the relationship between Carla and her young charge, Helver. Helver is fascinated by fascism – not by the ideology, which he is unable to grasp, but by the bravura of the movement. As a violent occupying army rampage through his town, will Helver become a victim of this fascination?


This production was designed as part of the Young Angels Award won in 2014.


"Entering to smoke, a dimly-lit corridor and the sounds of occasional passers-by on the march, we are guided into a small kitchen space, the walls of which extend to great effect around the edges of the regular seating." British Theatre Guide